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HYPEBEAST 于 2005 年成立,为结合实体与线上流行资讯的新媒体,在时尚文化领域中扮演着突破性的推动角色。从街头文化到高端时装,编辑团队更涉足至艺术、设计、科技、音乐、电影等范畴。

作为潮流文化爱好者的人气媒体品牌,HYPEBEAST 致力为大众带来具前瞻性、可靠的潮流资讯。除了每日最快、最新的时尚新知,编辑部及制作团队更通过不同媒介、社交网络以及实体杂志 HYPEBEAST Magazine,纵观全球时尚潮流发展,深入剖析与探讨;同时带来别具风格的视觉影像、独特新闻故事,甚至进行跨界别合作企划,在业界发挥强大影响力。

HYPEBEAST 同时带来拥有超过 200 个精选品牌的购物平台 HBbetwayAPP,为时尚潮流爱好者提供服饰、鞋履、印刷品、科技小物等单品,致力发掘并推广富故事性的新晋品牌,无论是设计理念还是商品质量,都是潮流创意的先锋代表。

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HYPEBEAST Engagement Policy

Hypebeast values its relationships with all our consumers worldwide and those we collaborate with to bring you ebetwayAPPciting content on a daily basis. We also take very seriously matters involving cyber-security so we can continue to protect you, our collaborators and our brand. With that in mind, it is very important to note that we do not engage in the practice of solicitation or phishing. Any correspondence to you from our company should have an official email address ending in either @hypebeast.com or @101medialab.com. Any emails you receive without these designations from persons claiming to be an employee, representative or partner of Hypebeast Hong Kong Limited and/or Hypebeast Ltd. are fraudulent and very likely being used in furtherance of a scam to obtain your personal information, or even in some cases, your money. We are committed to fully investigating and taking aggressive legal action against any person or persons posing as an employee of our company or misrepresenting themselves as a partner of ours to deceive you. This includes pursuing criminal charges against such people. If you are the recipient of any such email, please report it to us immediately. We appreciate your help in making sure that Hypebeast remains a safe digital environment for all to enjoy.